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Mars Rover Takes A Photo of A Classic Flying Saucer

Witness said:
JPL has finished “upgrading” MSLs software and have proudly announced “The science can continue…” The term science must mean something else when it gets applied to anything to do with the exploration of Mars by any of JPLS surface tech. Take a look at the latest migraine headache JPL have thrown to independent researchers to sort out, namely a metallic “hubcap” shaped object thinly veiled with a layer of Malins artificial rust pixel.(easily removed as I’ve shown). 

It seems the rover….roved all around this object but couldn’t detect it with any of its “science”
equipment….must have been busy “drilling” again? Funny how the BIG GUNN Mast camera has been too busy looking at its disintegrating wheels to take any new HD images of the looming Mount Sharp summit. No that job has been allocated to the rock camera MAHLI (designed to image objects close to the rover).

Monday, December 9, 2013

Morphing UFO over Costa Mesa California - Video

At first I did not think this video had much to offer and I was ready to reject it for publication, but I always scan through the entire video before making that decision. This video has a great still photo (below) and it gets interesting around the 50 second mark. 

Posters Comments
Filmed these objects from my porch in Costa Mesa CA. I saw what appeared to be a metal ball hovering outside. The object floated fairly stationary before descending. At 0:28 a black UFO orb floats into frame and cruises south. Slow motion and digital zoom applied. At 0:59 is a morphing UFO I barely caught before it went out of range. I didn't have my normal camera so the resolution is lower than normal but there's unique behavior so I decided to post. If you look at the still picture at 0:55 it looks like a possible ET pilot.
Filmed by Jim Martin and edited by Lewis Richards.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Area 51 Declassifies Additional Documents - Video

Area 51 has captivated American imagination for decades, prompting questions about what the U.S. government does at the secretive facility. Now, new revelations have pulled away the veil of secrecy, allowing the public to enjoy an unprecedented look at the history of one of the world's most enigmatic locations.

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - A new article published by details some of the new information about Area 51, including an incident in which it was photographed, perhaps inadvertently, by astronauts during a 1974 Skylab mission. That article is based on documents declassified by the CIA.

Area 51, also known as Groom Lake, was only publicly acknowledged by the CIA in July of this year. By that time it had already become the nation's worst-kept secret. Yet the not-so-secret base did a pretty good job covering up its actual day-to-day operations which led to wild conspiracy theories and rumors about what actually happened there.

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For the public imagination, Area 51 was an ultra-secret facility that tested alien technology from recovered UFOs. Some stories even claimed alien bodies, or live aliens were housed there and interacted with government agents. Area 51 became a staple of science fiction.

Adding to the rumors was the persistent, even obstinate government secrecy. From official denials to dire warning signs posted around the perimeter warning, "use of lethal force authorized," the government did little to dispel the rumors of UFOs and alien visitors.

The government secrecy was so insistent that when a 1974 Skylab mission photographed the area from space, there was a high-level discussion between CIA and security officials and NASA as to whether the photograph should be released to the public. Eventually, the photograph was quietly placed in a public archive where it sat forgotten for decades.

There was a reason for the extreme government secrecy. What the Air Force and CIA were actually up to warranted tight security. As early as the 1950s, the site was used to test advanced aircraft technology, particularly reconnaissance and stealth technology.

Today, the past product of the work at Area 51 is mostly public knowledge. The U2 and SR-71 spy planes, which warranted great secrecy until the 1980s, are now retired. Incidentally, those aircraft flew so high, and the SR-71 so fast, that they prompted many UFO sightings in the Western U.S. Reports of high flying, fast moving UFOs were actually spy planes flying much higher and faster than the public thought possible at the time. It didn't help that their shapes were unconventional too.

Stealth technology, which became public only in the late 1980s, was pioneered there. Today, stealth is becoming commonplace and three decades behind Area 51, nations such as China and Russia are finally developing their own stealth aircraft.

Drone technology was also pioneered there, and today that is also commonplace.

However, there remains no credible evidence that Area 51 has anything to do with UFOs or aliens. The entire sensation over the phenomenon has turned out to be a convenient distraction for the public from the true purpose of the facility. In a sense, the UFOs were a true conspiracy, but one conveniently manufactured by the public, with a little help from the government.

Or, could it be that the conspiracy itself IS the conspiracy? It's not too far fetched to imagine a few colorful personalities on the government dole in exchange for insisting that Area 51 is all about aliens, drawing attention away from the very real nature of the facility. Perhaps public confusion is part of the proof.

Today, Area 51 continues to operate, still in secret, despite the publication of many photos and a revelation of its history. It remains a matter of wild speculation to imagine what is developed there today, although the secrecy is much improved by technology.

Around the perimeter, motion sensors detect people approaching on foot. Most of the work, once done on the tarmac, is now done underground in laboratories, often with computers and simulations. Fewer flights are needed now that the blueprint and slide rule have given way to software.

Whatever goes on there, we can rest assured of two things. First, it is beyond what we can imagine today, just as stealth technology was beyond the average imagination of the 80's kid. Second, the projects they develop today will become known in the decades to come, just as we now know what they were really up to during all those years of our youth.

You can view Area 51 with Google, but it looks pretty mundane. Of course, they knew when the imaging satellite was passing over.
A secret aircraft component is transported. The cover is to protect it from damage, dust, and eyes.
Some of the secret craft tested by the Air Force. Flying disks were in phase for awhile. It was thought they might be more maneuverable than conventional aircraft.
OXCART aircraft lined up for a photoshoot. Despite the secrecy, officials were very proud of their success and for good reason. Unfortunately, that reason is classified.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

NASA Sees Something in Space Unlike Anything They Have Ever Seen - Photo

The object in these photographs captured by Hubble is not a comet. It's something that no astronomer has ever seen before, according to NASA: An asteroid with six comet-like tails that isn't moving like a comet and it's not made of ice. It's just hanging up there, rotating like a crazy space spider.According to lead investigator David Jewitt of the University of California at Los Angeles, "we were literally dumbfounded when we saw it [in the solar system's asteroid belt] We were completely knocked out."

NASA says that "unlike all other known asteroids, which appear simply as tiny points of light, this asteroid, designated P/2013 P5, resembles a rotating lawn sprinkler. Astronomers are puzzled over the asteroid's unusual appearance."

Jewitt and his colleagues have a theory about how this one-of-a-kind object came to be: a space collision.

Jewitt said it appears P/2013 P5 is a fragment of a larger asteroid that broke apart in a collision roughly 200 million years ago. There are many collision fragments in orbits similar to P/2013 P5's. Meteorites from these bodies show evidence of having been heated to as much as 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. This means the asteroid likely is composed of metamorphic rocks and does not hold any ice as a comet does.
However, NASA also says that "they do not believe the tails are the result of an impact with another asteroid because they have not seen a large quantity of dust blasted into space all at once."

 NASA Source

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Best UFO Documentaries, Hard To Find, New, Popular & Removed Films

We have made every effort to provide quality UFO documentaries and films on this site. Many films are extremely hard to find in their full version uncut format which we have provided below. 

UFO Files - Black Box Secrets - Pilots & Astronaut Sightings
An excellent documentary that gives evidence from some of the best witnesses on the planet, astronauts and pilots. Many important cases are reviewed and discussed, you will hear actual FAA recordings and hear from actual witnesses. A compelling Film Documentary.  This version is in high definition. 

I Know What I Saw
The documentary "I Know What I Saw" change the way we see the universe. Director, James Fox assembled some of the most credible UFO witnesses from around the world. Their accounts reveal a secret U.S. operation with the aim to confiscate and hoard substantiating evidence from close encounters to the extent that even Presidents have failed to get straight answers. The documentary exposes reasons behind government secrecy from those involved at the highest level.

Emergency 911 Dispatch UFO Calls
Reopen the famous police cold-cases involving mass UFO sightings such as the 1994 Trumbull County, Ohio and Holland, Michigan sightings and the 2000 Millstadt, Illinois case where 911 dispatchers were flooded with calls and police radio chatter of strange lights moving slowly through the sky.

UFOs, The Secret Evidence
The "UFOs: The Secret Evidence" documentary presents what the world governments really know about UFOs. Includes 44 original UFO film clips from around the world, most of which have never been seen until this feature documentary was originally introduced to the general public and also includes film clips from the archives of both NASA and the U.S. Air Force. "UFOs: The Secret Evidence" features leading scientists and researchers

Winner of 4 EBE Awards! Best Film, Best Historical Documentary, Best UFO Footage and The Peoples Choice Award - International UFO Congress Film Festival.

Out of The Blue
Narrated by Peter Coyote, OUT OF THE BLUE is widely considered one of the best documentary films ever made about UFOs and was directed by celebrated filmmaker James Fox. The films producers traveled around the world to investigate some of the most famous UFO events on record. Through exclusive interviews with high-ranking military and government personnel, this award-winning film supports the theory that some UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin.

My Mum Talks To Aliens
Mary Rodwell is Australia's leading authority on extraterrestrial phenomena, her son Chris Rodwell is a vet, a man of science and self-confessed alien skeptic -- their relationship has reached a critical point and something has to give. This is a journey of the believer and the non believer. Mary takes her son on a odyssey through her universe which leaves him confounded, confused and at times amazed. Confronted with DNA evidence that is not of this world Chris does not know how to react! It is a very compelling true story that is hard to deny. If you have not seen this then you are missing part of the truth.

Colonel Philip Corso - The Lost Interview - Uncut
The following uncut interview was filmed for the feature film - "UFOs: 50 Years of Denial." In memory of Col. Philip J. Corso - May 22, 1915 - July 16, 1998, and his contribution to UFO and ET Disclosure.

The Truth About UFOs In Russia
Join UFO investigators on this historic occasion, as they meet for the first time with High Ranking Russian Military Officials and Representatives from the former KGB, at the Russian Anti-Aircraft Academy of Defense in Tver, Russia, to examine UFO evidence collected by the Russian Government in a free and open détente as Russia officially joins the UFO disclosure movement. This program includes filmed evidence from the Russian Military and the Russian Space Program, that proves that there is an unexplainable UFO presence in our skies. Includes photos and video of alien spacecraft.

THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what's REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream -- uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.

Walt Disney UFO Documentary - Alien Encounters
This documentary was only broadcast once in five US states. It was shelved and never broadcast again. This version is the complete uncut feature, first broadcast in 1995 on terrestrial TV. Some consider this to be one of the best UFO documentaries ever produced.

Oz Encounters - UFOs in Australia
OZ Encounters is the remarkable eye-popping one-hour documentary that features extraordinary UFO sightings and encounters. The result is an amazing cross-section of case studies from all walks of life: farmers, bank managers, wedding photographers, nurses, doctors, children, housewives. This documentary has been around for a while but it is on of the best ever produced. 

The Day Before Disclosure
The Day Before Disclosure is a film documenting the growing awareness and the build up to what can potentially be the single, most important event in human history -- the day the UFO and ET presence becomes a world wide accepted reality. Terje Toftenes founded "New Paradigm Films" in 2006 as a result of long interest in the fields of new science, spirituality, UFOs and philosophy. He is an award winning film maker with a background with the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. His vision is to build a catalog of informative high quality films giving first hand insight in the topics of the new paradigm. This is the greatest story in human history.

UFOs Secrets of The Black World
Area 51 is the most mysterious "top-secret military test facility" in the world. New technologies vital to United States national security are developed there. Insiders claim that even recovered spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin are studied and test flown at Area 51. In a three-year investigation, a German film crew dove deeply into the secrets of "Dreamland", Area 51, interviewing top scientists and security personnel who worked inside Area 51 and claim to have seen what can only now be described as alien spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin. To say this film is controversial is an understatement. It caused one of the biggest uproars upon its release, by government and Ufologist alike.

The Secret: Evidence We Are Not Alone 
This documentary takes a look at the thousands of declassified government pages on UFOs, UFO crashes and alien beings. It explores the MJ-12 documents and discusses the IPU (Interplanetary Phenomena Unit) of the military and much more. There are people that question the authenticity of the MJ12 Documents which is simply typical skepticism and debunking. What would really be amazing would be if the U.S. Government did not form a blue ribbon panel to examine the UFO phenomena. It would only be a matter of time on how and when some Majestic 12 papers would make into the public arena.

UFO Ships of Light
On a dark and lonely road in the mountains of Mexico, Carlos Diaz had an encounter with UFOs that changed his life forever. Thousands of eyewitnesses including journalists, scientists and even the Mayor of Mexico City also share this same story of an alien encounter with UFOs. Learn about messages received by Carlos Diaz from his UFO alien encounters and what meaning they may hold for us here on Earth. Features stunning film footage, video and photos of alien UFOs.

Mass Sighting Westfall High School Australia - 1966
On April 6, 1966, students and teachers from Westall High School (now Westall Secondary College) were completing sports on the main oval when an object, a grey saucer shaped craft with a slight purple hue about twice the size of a family car, was seen. Andrew Greenwood, a science teacher, told The Dandenong Journal at the time that he saw a silvery-green disc. According to witnesses the object was descending and then crossed and overflew the high school going in a south-easterly direction, before disappearing from sight as it descended behind a stand of trees and into a paddock at The Grange in front of the Westall State School (primary students). After 20 minutes the object - with witnesses now numbering over 200 - then climbed at speed and departed towards the north-west. As the object gained altitude some accounts describe it as having been pursued from the scene by five unidentified aircraft which circled the object.

Top 100 UFO Sightings - UFOs The Footage Archives
Now featuring the ultimate UFO Video Archive with of over 100 of the best UFO Videos ever caught on tape, from 16 countries and from Earth Orbit by NASA and the Russian Space Authority, set to music with an Eclectic and Diverse, Original World Beat Music Soundtrack by the band Warless Society. Each UFO Video includes the location, date, time and the name of the person who filmed the UFO. All of the UFO Videos in this film are presented in the order they were filmed and represent the best selection of authentic UFO Videos ever made public.


Craft of Unknown Origin - Award Winning Film
This is an award winning short film, winner of Best Short Video Category at the 2012 International UFO Congress."Craft of Unknown Origin" is a 30-minute documentary that examines the subject of UFOs. Drawing from a number of credible UFO witnesses and UFO reports, the video is crammed with diagrams, as well as 2D and 3D animation, that accurately visualize the strange vehicles that these witnesses report seeing.

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UFO Hovers Silently Over Oregon - Great Footage

Silent UFO filmed over Oregon
Mojo is a serious UFO hunter out of Oregon that films some of the best UFOs in the United States. He seems to be intentionally coy about the exact location of the sightings. It is unclear if these are experimental military craft or bona-fide UFOs of an unknown origin. Either way they are fantastic catches. 

Posters Comments
The object filmed in HI-8 moving silent in the night sky presenting displays of morphing lights. Another segment was filmed of the object in night vision over the remaining flight path.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Do We Really Need The Moon? Take a Fresh Look At It - BBC Documentary

The moon is such a familiar presence in the sky that most of us take it for granted. But what if it wasn't where it is now? How would that affect life on earth?

Space scientist and lunar fanatic Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock explores our intimate relationship with the moon. Besides orchestrating the tides, the moon dictates the length of a day, the rhythm of the seasons and the very stability of our planet.

Yet the moon is always on the move. In the past it was closer to the Earth and in the future it'll be farther away. That it is now perfectly placed to sustain life is pure luck, a cosmic coincidence. Using computer graphics to summon up great tides and set the Earth spinning on its side, Aderin-Pocock implores us to look at the moon afresh: to see it not as an inert rock, but as a key player in the story of our planet, past, present and future.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Incredible Security Cam UFO Sighting Over Florida Pool - News Report

Amazing UFO Seems Change Shape & Form

Video: August 5, 2013

I would encourage you  to put this video on full screen before viewing, there was only video, so what you are seeing here is a series of 5 screenshots taken from the original video.  You can view the  video just below the screenshots. 

Everyone once in a while a video comes along that really does seem to offer proof that the UFO phenomena is real, this security camera footage out of Naples, Florida appears to offer proof that people are so eagerly attempting to find. By all indications this video is real and has not been tampered with, it clearly shows that something moved over this swimming pool and extracted some substance from the water. Given our knowledge of UFOs and paranormal events we can only speculate as to what is being shown. Everybody has their own take on UFOs, the speculation runs the gamut from Angels and Demons to aliens from another part of the universe to organic life forms living in earth atmosphere. Since hard cold scientific facts are hard to come by, what do we actually know and what is our best guess about this video.

1. We know for a fact that many UFOs or anomalies can not be seen by the naked eye, many times camera's are our only option to actually see things in the sky and in our atmosphere.
2. It is fairly widely believed that organic UFOs (living creatures) inhabit our skies that we know very little about.
3. We know that many UFOs have a need or an affinity for water.
4. We know that some UFOs have the ability to change shape and form
5. We know some people have a hard (if not impossible) time accepting a different reality than the one they have been living all their lives.
6. We know that some so called "expert", (a photographer or university professor or quasi government official) will eventually tell us that we are seeing something that is not actually there.
7. We know that when this expert offers his/her "opinion" it will be accepted freely and without question by the mainstream media and most people.
8. We know that the so called "experts" opinion will relegate this video to the trash heap "just another" one of those weird stories suitable for the odd section of Reuters News or the Weird Section of the Huffington Post.
9. We know that it is pointless being angered or upset with these experts, they are afraid of the unknown and it suits them to make something up that fits their reality.

So what is our best "guess" as to what we are looking at in this video.
It is also believed that if you were standing next to the pool you would have never known that this anomaly was present, the security camera would be the only evidence. That it is an intelligent life form that has the ability to change shape and form taking some type of nutrients from the water.


NAPLES, FL -A video showing lights hovering over a pool, a UFO is the talk of Naples. Residents say they have never seen anything like it -- and experts aren't sure either.
Monday night, security officer Debralee Thomas was watching the camera feed from behind a Gulfshore Boulevard condo building just across the street from Venetian Village, when she noticed strange lights swoop in over the pool.
"I realized that it was something that wasn't normal, so I was like 'oh my, what is that,'" Thomas said.
At first glance, what she saw almost looked like a saucer-shaped object up top. Then the object went down into the pool and expanded like a web -- moving back and forth.
After nearly thirty minutes, the UFO started to disappear.
Thomas said bugs fly up to their cameras all the time, but this was further away.
"It was down on the ground but some of that webbing was longer and it made a funnel down into the pool. Whatever it was doing in the pool, I don't know," Thomas said.
The video was sent to MUFON, a UFO organization in Ohio. Officials at MUFON say it is one of the most fascinating videos they have seen in a while.
They are analyzing it, but they don't think it is a hoax. That's what Thomas' coworkers thought at first, until they saw the video their selves.
"We watched it on tape and to be honest I was so grateful that it was there so I could say it was real…it really happened," Thomas said.
On Wednesday, residents were walking in and out of the office complex to check out the must-see video.
"I have no idea. I've never seen anything like this. The electrical charges coming from the UFO are truly unbelievable," said resident Curtis Kate.
But what it is remains a mystery for now. Something Thomas is OK with as long as it doesn't happen again.
The Conservancy of Southwest Florida also looked at the video. Coincidentally, the pool is closed for cleaning over the next few days.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Incredible UFO Video - Leeds Countryside UK

These two UFOs or Orbs were filmed at dusk over West Lothian Scotland on July 30, 2013. 

Posters Comments
The person who took this video only asked one questions.......what are they?

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Crop Circle Mysteriously Appears in A Field in Shropshire

Crop circles like UFO sightings are tainted because of peoples need to create notoriety. In this case it appears that this crop circle is a hoax. I believe that some crop circles are without doubt real and not created by people in the night stomping on boards to create and elaborate hoax to fool the public. Some are simply too large and too complex to create in one night with such precision. This particular crop circle is a very simple design which indicates that it was man made.

The crop circle in the wheat field near junction seven of the M54 which has sparked a flurry of calls to the Shropshire Star
Motorists spotted the pattern on land near junction seven west bound, sparking a flurry of calls to the Shropshire Star.
Crop circles have long split opinion, with some claiming they are the work of aliens, while others claim they are the work of pranksters.
But local UFO researchers do not believe the Shropshire circle is a cryptic message from outer space.
Darren Perks, a UFO investigative researcher from Shropshire, said he was tipped off last week that the stunt was due to happen.
Mr Perks said: “I got an e-mail tip off last week from someone called ‘Stuart’ on July 25 that a crop circle would appear over the weekend. He claimed to be responsible for hoaxes in Wiltshire and wanted to try one near Wrekin hill.”
The hoaxer explained in the e-mail that he would use a ‘basic’ technique and make the circles overnight and asked Mr Perks if he wanted to film it. Mr Perks said no because he disagreed with what they were doing.
He said: “I disagree with hoaxing crop circles as it is of no benefit to anyone. It’s the farmer I feel sorry for because of the loss. The crop is damaged and he ultimately loses money.”
Ryan Humphreys, from Shrewsbury, said: “I noticed the crop circle while travelling back to Birmingham. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen one. I thought it was a great feature to an otherwise boring stretch of road.
“The theories about aliens creating them, to me, are nonsensical and I’m a firm believer that they’re works of art imagined by creative people.
“However, if I was a farmer and someone damaged my crops, I wouldn’t be happy. I guess there’s a debate about the fine line between art and vandalism.”
Lee Perry, media adviser for the National Farmers’ Union said: “Creating crop circles on farmland is unfair and irresponsible – crop circlers always seem to forget that they are damaging someone’s property.”

Power of The Universe - Clockwork & Creation, Documentary

Scientists have discovered that our solar system is very unique. Earth is located in a star system that is by no means the norm in space. As a matter of fact, our solar system appears to be the exception.

Our home solar system is stunning exception, in the way it’s laid out to actually foster the very conditions on Earth which makes life possible. In the universe at large, chaos, explosions, and mind-bending collisions between massive celestial bodies appear to be commonplace. After you watch this video, you may never see our little blue planet quite the same again.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Best UFO Sightings July 2013 - Video

Incredible UFO Sighting in Normanton, UK, 3 Tall Aliens Spotted

An illustration by David Sanke of how the UFO/ETs in Normanton Looked

Three mysterious figures dressed in silver suits were seen in a field in Normanton before taking off in a “dull grey” object shaped like a “Mexican hat.”

The unusual sighting on July 7, 1980 was reported by Joyce Westerman.

Mrs Westerman reported the incident to Pontefract UFO expert Philip Mantle and said that her six children had been playing on the street when they spotted a UFO-like object land in a field near where they were playing.

See this week’s Pontefract and Castleford Express for a special feature on UFOs.


Friday, July 26, 2013

Two Petal Shaped UFOs Observed By Pilot Over Warwickshire, UK

Coventry Pilot Sees UFO That Resembles Flower Petals

This is a UFO case that was not widely reported by a pilot in Coventry, the date of the sighting was August 31, 2010. It is a fact that the vast majority of pilot cases (particularly professional pilots) still go unreported. This unfortunate attitude of both pilots and management causes a huge loss of credible UFO intelligence that can never be replaced.


A pilot has described a “bewildering” close encounter with a pair of low-flying UFOs in Warwickshire.

The two glowing petal-shaped craft silently skimmed along at about 1,500ft – the height of a modern skyscraper – until they disappeared behind clouds.

The qualified pilot, based at Coventry Airport, watched the spectacle unfold from a garden in Rugby.

“I was looking at the stars when a circular object came into view from behind a cloud,” said the man, who asked to remain anonymous.

“The object was very clearly visible and was neither a traditional aircraft nor a balloon.

“It was circular in shape but had a structure which resembled flower petals extending outwards from the centre and the petals where very strongly illuminated and appeared to be glowing as if they were on fire.

“Then overlaid at the centre of the craft was a similar array of petals contained within the radius of the wider array.

“These too were very bright and similarly appeared to be on fire, with a shimmering orange glow.

It was a quiet and still evening but there was absolutely no sound.

“Having watched this, totally bewildered, for about 40 seconds, a second identical craft came into view on exactly the same track, heading and altitude as the first, with a separation of a mile.”

NARCAP Reports 3500 Pilot UFO Sightings - Citizen Hearings

WASHINGTON—Airline pilots see unidentified flying objects but very few report it because o ridicule.According to the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena, (NARCAP) there have been over 3,500 documented sightings of “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” by military, commercial, and civilian pilots. But Captain Jim Courant, a commercial pilot for over 31 years, says there are many more sightings that are just not reported. 
“It is almost astounding how many people are in the know on this subject,” he said, speaking before the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on May 3, 2013.

Courant has been researching and studying the phenomena of UFOs for years. He has collected over 3,000 books on UFOs and extraterrestrials, and hosted a television series on the issue titled “New Perspectives” which ran for three years.

In a presentation to the French Air and Space Academy in 2012, National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP) chief scientist and founder Dr. Richard F. Haines showed a video showing a UFO caught on camera while acrobatic planes flying in formation are being filmed. According NARCAP there have been over 3,500 documented sightings of "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena" by military, commercial and civilian pilots. (Screenshot from video on

He still flies for a commercial airline and because of his exposure on television has became known as an authority on UFO’s and extraterrestrial encounters.He has been contacted, and still is, by many commercial airline and military pilots who are happy to discuss their UFO’s encounters privately but do not want to talk publicly, fearing ridicule and in some cases retaliation. 

“They are afraid,” not so much about their status or their retirement benefits, but “they are more afraid for their families,” he said.

He described the experience of one pilot who was flying a 747 over the Pacific in 1980, when he came across a UFO in front of him.

“You won’t believe what we saw,” the pilot had said, according to Courant. “This thing was bigger that a 747.”

Courant said the pilot told him that when he got to his destination in Japan, he “was debriefed and told never to talk about it again.”
Courant told the hearing about his own encounter with a UFO. In 1995, he was flying near Albuquerque, New Mexico, when he and his co-pilot saw a blue green oval shape approaching from the left. “In a flash of burning white light, the object suddenly shot up at a 45 degree angle,” he told the hearing.

Four other pilots reported to the air traffic control tower that they had also seen the object.

“One pilot said it must have been a meteor,” Courant recounted, adding, “I got on and said ‘Since when does a meteor go back up?’”

When asked about his co-pilot’s reaction in a telephone conversation following the Disclosure hearing, Courant said, “He refused to discuss it and has never flown with me again.”

Courant said pilots have reported seeing a variety of craft that appear suddenly and move at speeds impossible with present technology. Reports include cigar shaped craft, triangular craft, and some that are the size of an aircraft carrier or larger.

He says airline pilots are “very serious in their profession” and not likely to make exaggerations.

The website NARCAP, co-founded in 1999 by Dr. Richard F. Haines, a recognized specialist in UFOs and a former Chief Scientist at NASA’s Ames Research Center, has been effective at documenting sightings, but Courant says more needs to be done.

UFO sightings are only “the tip of the iceberg” in terms of what has been experienced and what is known about extraterrestrials, he said.

“There are certain things I have been privy to, but I can’t get into that here,” he told the hearing.

Courant said it was time for the United States government to come clean with what its agencies have documented and learned through decades of extraterrestrial encounters.

Airline pilots know what they have seen, he said and should be able to talk about it without fear of ridicule.

China Air On Collision Course With UFO Over Canada

The flight crew of a China Eastern Airlines Airbus A-340-600 aircraft (on a scheduled IFR flight from ZSPD to KJFK) operating at FL370 in the vicinity of 58 degrees N 111 degrees W reported seeing a UFO. The object was reported to be about 40NM south and was heading southeast-bound at approximate altitude of 41,000 feet. There were no known aircraft operating in the vicinity at the time.

Artist Likeness

Jan 23, 2012
Edmonton (Canada) - A China Eastern Airlines Captain reported an unusual incident while he was flying north of the city of Alberta (Canada) and the pilots reported seeing a UFO near their position.

The plane, an Airbus A340-600 flight MU587, which runs between Pudong International Airport Shanghai (China) and the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York (New York / US) with a number of passengers that has not been indicated, was over Canadian territory, around the coordinates 58 º N 111 º W, at flight level 370, when the pilot reported to air traffic controllers from the control center on the road they saw a strong light , making them think of a UFO, about 40 miles south of their position, underway at approximately the southwest and at an altitude of 41,000 feet.

Air traffic controllers say they have no radar at that position and no trace of any flight which could explain the presence of the object. After several minutes of observation, it disappeared. The flight continued without further incident and the aircraft arrived in New York on time.

Brazil's Most Famous Pilot UFO Sighting - Enormous Pyramid UFO

Perhaps the most impressive UFO story from Brazil is that of Haraldo Westendorf, who made news headlines when he allegedly flew his private plane within a few dozen meters of an enormous unidentified flying object.

At the time Westendorf was 40 years old, a father of three children and a successful businessman. He is also an avid private pilot rated for acrobatic flying. The following account is based directly on his one-hour presentation at the Brazilian UFO conference, which included several detailed illustrations. Westendorf says he took off in his single-engine Piper Apache from the city of Pelotas near the southernmost tip of Brazil on the morning of November 5, 1996. It was to be a routine recreational flight of the kind he takes for fun whenever time allows. On this occasion, he had been in the air only about 12 minutes and was flying at an altitude of 5,000 feet over a large lake some five miles southeast of Pelotas when he saw ahead of him an enormous aerial object. The time was about 10:30 a.m. He radioed the Pelotas tower to learn if they could see the object from the ground. They confirmed that the object was visible to them and asked him for a close-range report. Westendorf then decided to fly as close as he could.

Westendorf emphasizes that he did not believe in UFOs and says this accounts for his initial willingness to fly close to the object. He didn't know he might be in danger. When he got close to the object, he realized that in his twenty years of piloting experience he had never seen or heard of anything like it. Since he had done stunt training in the United States and had also flown in France, he had become acquainted with some very advanced and exotic aircraft. But he knew that this was not an airplane.
Westendorf showed several detailed color drawings of the object, with his own plane drawn to scale alongside it. He describes the object as a faceted cone, flat on the bottom with a rounded point on top. On each of the eight or ten sloping side panels were three large bulges, like triangle-shaped bay windows on the side of a house -- but they did not look like windows.
The entire surface was brown in color. The structure was about 70 meters (225 feet) high and about 100 meters (325 feet) in diameter, big enough to fill nearly an entire soccer field if landed. His own plane, less than 6 meters wide, was tiny by comparison. Westendorf says he spent about 12 to 14 minutes in close proximity to the object, trying to see as much as he could. Although the Pelotas air tower does not have radar, he believes the airport radar at Curitiba (nearly 450 nautical miles northeast of his position) tracked the whole encounter. However, officials at Curitiba deny this (see below).

The object was spinning around slowly and moving southeast toward the nearby seacoast at a speed of about 60 nautical miles per hour. Westendorf managed to fly entirely around the base of the object three times. At one point, he says, his wingtip came within about 40 meters of the object. After his third lap around the object, Westendorf noticed that the rounded top seemed to disappear, leaving what looked like an open hole at the top. Then he saw, emerging from inside the object, a classic flying saucer. It rose sideways, its long axis vertical until it cleared the top of the larger object, then tipped down to assume its normal orientation and departed at tremendous speed. Westendorf said that this saucer was about 10 meters in diameter, or nearly twice as wide as his own plane, and he thinks it flew away at more than Mach 10. The saucer showed no indication of noticing Westendorf's presence nearby.

As soon as the saucer disappeared, Westendorf decided to try to fly over the top of the object. Brazilian media later reported that he wanted to fly his plane into the interior of the object, but he says he never even considered that. He only hoped for a peek through the opening. To get more altitude, he flew his plane several hundred meters away from the object, turned around and began a steep climb. He noticed that the object was now rotating much faster. Then he saw brilliant beams of red light shoot from the top of the object toward the sky. He quickly abandoned his plan to fly over the top. Then, to his amazement, the object rose straight up at tremendous speed. For the first time, Westendorf was scared, because he believed the object's rapid acceleration might produce a shock wave of turbulence that could overwhelm his own plane. As a trained pilot, he knew that air traffic controllers recommend staying at least three minutes behind a large aircraft to avoid such turbulence. He estimated that the unidentified object probably weighed at least three times as much as a 747 jumbo jet, so its shock wave should be huge -- and he was only a few hundred meters away. He quickly began emergency procedures in case his plane went into a spin or a stall. But to his surprise, he did not encounter any turbulence.

At that point the Pelotas air traffic controller told Westendorf to contact the government-controlled Curitiba air defense system radar center. Doing so, he asked if the Curitiba radar tower could see what was happening to him on their radar. They said they didn't see anything. He then called a second time, identifying himself by the transponder number of his own aircraft and again asking if they could see anything unusual. Again they denied seeing anything. He called a total of four times. Finally the Curitiba tower told him that they showed no traffic at all within two hundred nautical miles of his position. At this point, Westendorf became convinced they were lying, because there are two large cities with airports -- Santa Maria and Porto Alegre -- closer than 200 miles from his position. He believes there had to be at least some normal air traffic near those cities.
Meanwhile, people in the Pelotas tower had watched the entire encounter. Even sunbathers on the beach at Pelotas were able to see it.
At that time there was a thick layer of nimbo-stratus clouds above Westendorf's position, and the object had apparently entered that cloud cover. He decided to fly above the clouds if possible to see if he could relocate the object. He emerged from the clouds at about 10,000 feet, but he never saw the object again.
Westendorf happened to have a cell phone with him in the plane, and at that moment his young son called him on the phone. Westendorf asked to talk to his wife. He told her that he had just had a close encounter with a UFO. He says he was now trembling and stuttering when he talked. But his wife didn't believe him and said he sounded crazy.
He then decided to return to Pelotas airport. But when he landed, he discovered that press and TV people were already on hand, waiting for him. This happened because three of his friends, all private pilots like himself, happened to be monitoring his radio transmissions on their own radios at home. When they heard he was flying around a UFO, they alerted the press.
The press mobbed him the minute he got out of his plane. But Westendorf told everyone that he would not say anything until he talked with the people in the Pelotas control tower.
Speaking with the head air traffic controller and two others on duty at that time, he asked them if they would back up his story to the press. He said that if they refused to back him up, he would deny the whole thing. So the head traffic controller called his boss, an Air Force colonel in the city of Porto Alegre, to ask permission to talk about the UFO. The colonel told the traffic controller to decide for himself -- so the controller told Westendorf that he and his assistants would back up the story. All of them agreed to have their pictures and stories printed in one of Brazil's leading news magazines, and from that point on the case became a national sensation. Westendorf himself was featured on the cover of that magazine (he carries a copy with him to prove it).
The size of this was extremely impressive
Despite his prolonged and close proximity to the huge UFO -- an object that surely fits the idea of a "mothership" -- Westendorf says that neither he nor his aircraft showed any signs of ill effect either during or after the encounter. His aircraft instruments and systems functioned properly throughout, and apart from becoming highly agitated during the latter part of the event, he did not experience any physical, mental or emotional difficulties.

This case seems to qualify as the closest daylight aircraft encounter with a UFO ever reported. The multiple professional witnesses, including three ground-based air traffic controllers, numerous other eyewitnesses and at least three civilians who heard Westendorf's running radio commentary of the event, lend very large credence to the story. The reported size and behavior of the object positively rule out any known human aircraft, and the observation of a classic flying saucer emerging from the larger craft supports the often-mentioned but rarely corroborated existence of a true "mothership."

While the multiple visual witnesses are impressive, the denial of radar observation at Curitiba airport is ambiguous. Westendorf seems sure the Curitiba officials were lying. But there are reported cases of UFOs clearly visible to eyewitnesses but seemingly invisible to radar. Was this the case here? Certainly the Brazilian military cannot have failed to study this case, which became an instant sensation in the press. If in fact their radar did not detect the object, this must have been cause for concern. On the other hand, if their radar did confirm the object, one can only imagine the impact it must have had upon Brazil's government and military leaders.

Helicopter Pilots Banks Sharply To Avoid UFO - UK

UK Police Helicopter Captures ‘UFO’ on Film

Raw video: June 08/08:  released footage: Welsh police confirmed that one of their helicopter crews had spotted an "unusual aircraft" flying over Cardiff earlier this month.

An investigation into the sighting had been launched, they said.

The police clarification came after tabloid newspaper The Sun reported a UFO had "attacked" a police helicopter, following it for several miles over the Bristol Channel.


"The pilot banked sharply to avoid being hit, then launched into a high-speed pursuit. But he was forced to give up the chase as the helicopter's fuel ran low -- and the UFO escaped," the tabloid reported.

The helicopter crew had described the object as "flying saucer-shaped and circled by flashing lights," it added.

That description was rather more dramatic than the official police version, which said: "South Wales Police can confirm its air support unit sighted an unusual aircraft.

"This was reported to the relevant authorities for their investigation," they added in a brief statement, avoiding the use of the term "UFO", or Unidentified Flying Object.

At the time of the incident, the helicopter with three men on board was waiting to land at the St Athan RAF base near Cardiff. The sighting reportedly took place at 00:40 am (23:40 GMT) on June 8.

South Wales Police denied there was a pursuit and indicated that the helicopter crew was never in any danger.

A Ministry of Defence spokesman said it had heard nothing about the incident.

"But it is certainly not advisable for police helicopters to go chasing what they think are UFOs," he added.

Pilot UFO Encounters - UFO Documentary

This is a great video that provides a good look at the history of UFO sighting from pilots. It covers some of the more notable cases and discusses the impact that these sightings have on pilots. 

This video is part of the ufo files series shown on the history channel, These are amazing true stories that you will not hear about anywhere else, and the thing is this is just the tip of the iceberg this kind of thing happens all the time in our sky's but most pilots do not report it in fear of there jobs.

Pilot Banks Hard To Miss UFO - The Coyne UFO Incident

The following article appeared in the Nov. 4, 1973, edition of the Mansfield News Journal. It was written by a United Press International reporter. This case stands out as one of the most credible UFO incidents of all time, there were multiple witnesses on the ground in in the helicopter itself, all of unimpeachable character. It has been endlessly investigated and determined to be a real. 

CLEVELAND -- Army Reserve helicopter pilot Capt. Lawrence Coyne is a military commander who doesn't believe in unidentified flying objects (UFOs) or little green spacemen. But after a near miss two weeks ago between his helicopter and a "big, gray, metallic-looking" object in the sky over Mansfield, he doesn't know what to think.

"I had to file an official report in detail to the Army on this thing," he said.

"Coyne is a member of the 316th Medical Detachment stationed at Cleveland Hopkins Airport. He was returning from Columbus at 11:10 p.m., Oct. 18, when the UFO showed up near where the Air National Guard has a squadron of jet fighters based.

He said a check turned up that none of the unit's F-100 Super Saber Jets were in the air when the UFO appeared. Coyne said when he first encountered the UFO, his helicopter was cruising at 2,500 feet. He had the controls set for a 20-degree dive, but the craft climbed to 3,500 feet with no power.

"I had made no attempt to pull up," he said. "There was no noise or turbulence, either."

Coyne said a red light appeared on the eastern horizon, and was first spotted by his crew chief, Sgt. Robert Yanacsek.

"The light was traveling in excess of 600 knots," Coyne said. "It came from the horizon to our aircraft in about 10 seconds. We were on a collision course."

The pilot said he put his helicopter into a dive.

"At 1,700 feet I braced myself for the impact with the other craft," he said. "It was coming from our right side. I was scared. There had been so little time to respond. The thing was terrifically fast."

There was no crash.

"We looked up and saw it stopped right over us," Coyne said. "It had a big, gray metallic-looking hull about 60 feet long." "It was shaped like an airfoil or a streamlined fat cigar. There was a red light on the front. The leading edge glowed red a short distance back from the nose. There was a center dome. A green light at the rear reflected on the hull."

Coyne said the green light swiveled like a spotlight and beamed through the canopy of his craft, bathing the cabin in green light. He said as he and members of the crew stared at the craft his helicopter began to climb without his guidance.

"I had made no attempt to pull up," he said. "All controls were set for a 20-degree dive. Yet we had climbed from 1,700 to 3,500 feet with no power in a couple of seconds with no g-forces or other noticeable strains."

Coyne said the UFO finally moved off to the west and was gone.

MANSFIELD -- More than 40 years ago strange things were happening in the skies over north central Ohio. A close encounter in Mansfield, that has since become known as "The Coyne Incident," is still raising eyebrows among believers and UFO investigators. That evening, in a soybean field on the west side of Galion, Rene Boucher and her brother Brad encountered a bright light in the sky that has lured her from Florida for another sojourn into that field.

It was about 11 p.m. on Oct. 18, 1973, when an Army Reserve helicopter came perilously close to colliding with an unidentified flying object. Arrigo "Rick" Jezzi, 56, who now lives in Cincinnati, was flying the Huey helicopter that night. Three decades later, he is still not sure what happened. Jezzi was one of four members of an Army Reserve unit based at Hopkins Airport in Cleveland on board. The crew was en route to Cleveland from Columbus.

"Capt. Larry Coyne was the pilot," Jezzi said. "I was in the left seat, actually flying the Huey at the time. We were near Mansfield flying at 2,500 to 3,000 feet."

John Healey and Robert Yanacsek were in the back of the Huey, near a cargo door with a Plexiglas window.

"One of the guys in the back reported a red light. He said it looked like an aircraft light on the right horizon," Jezzi said. "I couldn't see it."

Jezzi was flying from the left seat. On the other side of the Huey there was a 12-foot section of fuselage between the side window and the cargo doors. He figures the red light was in his blind spot.

"Then I heard 'I think its coming toward us'," Jezzi said. "The next thing I knew Larry took control of the throttle. We went into a maneuver, a controlled free fall. We dropped about 2,000 feet."

Jezzi said if Coyne had not made the drastic maneuver there would have been a collision.

"It took just a couple of seconds," Jezzi said. "I remember looking up through the ceiling and I saw a white light moving over top of us. I followed it to the left horizon where it disappeared."

Jezzi isn't sure what he saw. It was like no aircraft he'd ever seen. He guessed it was traveling at least 500 knots, twice the speed of his Huey.

"Red navigational lights aren't located in the front of an aircraft," he said. "That's what was moving toward us. I don't know what it was."

The incident was documented by witnesses on the ground. In UFO lore the "Coyne Incident" is regarded as one of the most reliable UFO sightings of all time.

"It caused a lot of hullabaloo," Jezzi said. "The first thing I thought was those Commie bastards. What are they up to."

The next morning two of the other crew members, while being questioned about the incident, sketched drawings of the cigar-shaped craft they observed.

"They both came up with similar drawings," Jezzi said.

The magnetic compass in the Huey never worked right after the incident and had to be replaced. Rene Bouchard doesn't know what she saw in Galion about 60 minutes earlier that same evening.

"I was in high school. My brother was in junior high," she said. "There had been a lot of sightings in the days and weeks before that. Even the governor reported seeing something. We thought we'd give it a try."

She and her brother walked out in the field behind their home and started watching the sky.

"We saw a bunch of stuff that looked like it was maybe 30,000 feet in the air," she said. "But it wasn't anything spectacular. Then I think we both put our heads down for some reason. That's when we saw this brilliant white light. It was as bright as the sun. I don't know what it was but it scared us. We ran for two blocks until we got home."

Rene has since moved to Florida. Her brother is in California. She's back in Galion today and plans to go out in that same bean field to spend part of her evening.

"We really saw something that night," she said. "I don't know what it was. But I'll be back there (tonight). I called my brother and asked him to fly here so he could go with me. He said no. I'm not expecting to see anything. But I'm going to be there."
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